Dear Community,

Thank you for all the support in the last months! you guys have done so many things for our (including you!) beautifull Sprouts Classic currency
We are busy with a Whitepaper and listing on some new exchange and many more. The new exchange will us help to increase awareness of SPRTSC
Let's show the world of Crypto that Sprouts Classic can rise to the top! and therefore, we need your help!
It would mean a great deal for us, the Sprouts Classic Core Team and the Community, if you could donate some coins to the following address so we can get a quicker listing fee on new exchanges for you!

The Sprouts Classic Core Team

Total donations:

Donation address:
BTC qrcode 39d1wKtUvQTnf5gbin4SGpCjkjvMf7HGVB

SPRTSC qrcode ShubKJrsbFRhLvdXXyCQUbnJkSVpDv51gd

*All donations on this SPRTSC address can be used by the Sprouts Classic Development team for promotion, exchange listing fee and giveaways

ETH qrcode 0x5f4838aff5bfcebfc3b4ddaf3d00c79894ab0033
DOGE qrcode DTsTSes3DEZ61JjDaeZbTt9oeQagUGEbeE