General questions
Sprouts Classic is the original Sprouts coin created by Mr. Eggmann.
Official launch was on September 13, 2018
There are a few different ways to get Sprouts Classic Currency. The most common option is buying them on a supported exchange. Users can also get more coins with Stake Rewards

You can download it form our site here
Download and Install Guide Here
Download here the Stake Guide Here
1.You will need to go to the transactions tab in the SPRTSC wallet.
2.Right click with the mouse anywhere within the transactions and choose the option clear orphans.
3.Restart your wallet and it will go back showing just the correct transactions under minting prior to the unconfirmed stakes.
1.Click on the Help menu in the SPRTSC wallet.
2.Click on Debug window.
3.Click on the Console button.
4.In the console type 'repairwallet' and hit the enter key
5.Restart the SPRTSC wallet.

here is the list of all our Exchanges where you can trade SPRTSC

  • DZPrince - Lead Programmer
  • Detic - Web Developer
  • Michnkeks - Programmer
  • Arcmetal - Programmer
  • Andrey123 - Programmer
  • Bastillar - Marketing Specialist
You can find each member on our Discord